Pricing & Policies

Recommended Donations

Thank you for your interest in staying with us at Campino Natural! Contrary to other camping facilities, we do not have a set rate and instead, request our guests to leave a donation toward the maintenance and improvement of the facility. Many of our guests leave donations that align with the following suggestions:

Daily Rate: $40.00 per person (Check-in is at 10am; check-out is 6:00pm.)

Per Night: $129.00 per night, 2-person max. (Check-in is at 1:00pm; check-out is at noon.)

Additional Person, Per Night: $20.00

GPet Policy

We would prefer that your pets remain at home or under care, but if you are bringing a pet, it must stay at your Camping Area. No pets are allowed on the Beach area.  Be responsible and do not let your pets sit in hot campers.  Also remember to pick up after them.


Beach Area

No GLASS is permitted onto the Beach area.  This includes the entrance to as well as the surrounding areas. We ask that you be prepared with plastic or cans.



Bring plenty of them. They are used for anywhere you might sit or lay, as well as for when you get out of the pool or hot tub.


No Photos Allowed

For the privacy of all of our Guests, we ask that you refrain from any photography on or near the Beach side.   This means after entering into the Cave.  At the Camping area, any photography is permitted.


Fridge & BBQ Use

There is a fridge and BBQ on the Beach for your use. Please respect others while doing so.

Hygiene Facilities

For your convenience, we have a flush toilet on the Beach side. A cold pull shower is also available for your use.


Music & Quiet Time

Please be courteous of others while playing music and invite them to dance as well! Quiet time is 11:00 P.M.


Fires & Fireworks

There is NO open fires or fireworks permitted.  A common fire-pit area is available.   if you do not have the facilities in your camper, please feel free to use the BBQ for cooking.  

We don’t discriminate… BUT SMOKING is only allowed in designated zones.  We happily make these zones comfortable and know that you respectfully understand about all Guests and Your Hosts


Zero Footprint

We ask that you leave a Zero Footprint… other than on the Sand. Please remember to take out what you bring in, be it garbage, food or clothing.


Items Left Behind

We are not responsible for items left behind during your stay with us.  If you have forgotten something it will go to lost and found for your next visit. 

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