Nudist Etiquette

At Campino Natural, it is important that each guest feels safe and comfortable. To help keep our paradise a haven for all, we ask that all guests follow our simple etiquette guidelines.

We thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.

You must be Nude, past the entrance into the Cave. This avoids those who lack Etiquette. Light coverings are more than acceptable if you are acclimating.


You must be Nude to be in the pool, hot tub and sauna. If you use sunscreen, please allow it to dry before entering.


No cameras or phone photos past the entrance to the beach.Not everyone wants to be on Facebook or on social media. Privacy is utmost important to all guests and your hosts. You will be required to add a sticker to your camera on phone. This is supplied and is common at Nudist Resorts.


You need to bring a towel with you wherever you go. While no one is casting aspersions on anyone’s personal hygiene, we ask that you use it at all times as a barrier when sitting down.


Bring shoes or sandals. The Camp area may have rocks and sticks, and the sand and walkways may be hot. Hats, sunglasses and accessories are common.


Consider personal hygiene. Even if you are Bare Naked, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care.


Remember to bring your smiles. They are the most beautiful part of your natural self.

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